Meet The INCREDIBLE Ramona Duff

our December Client of the Month!

Oh how we LOVE Ramona! Her infectious LAUGH, her good-natured teasing, her love and support for HG and every instructor! She is a BRIGHT light and we all adore her. Ramona mixes it up every week and she is always ready to try something NEW.

Here she is in her own words ...

#1. The classes I absolutely LOVE or hate to miss are: "Body shred because I feel it gives me the most bang for my buck because it’s high intensity intervals and doesn’t kill me like Tabata does. Jen always mixes it up, includes functional training like kneeling down and getting back up ( who knew THAT could be so hard until you have to do 10 in a row!). Circuit training/Bootcamp because like Body Shred it hits all major muscle groups and gives me a little break in between stations to regroup. Piloxing and PiloxingBarre because it’s something different and I get to wear my cute Piloxing gloves 😉 and it really tones my arms. Willpower & Grace because I love the hypnotic music and my quads scream at me the next day. U-Jam because it allows me to let loose and live out my dream of being a background dancer without being ridiculed. Also it is a fantastic cardio workout without feeling like I’m at the gym. I find barre classes, yoga and Pilates to be the most difficult because I am still trying to find my inner core, flexibility ,and balance and I find it very hard to slow down, breathe and live in the moment. Just not my personality. I like to go hard and fast. HG clientele ranges from HS to seniors with everyone working towards one goal. To be the fittest and healthiest they can be and encouraging each other along the way. As the instructors keep saying “there are modifications for everything" and "no one should think they can’t do a certain class because they can."

#2 How do you like HG Cycle? "I love the addition of cycling to my exercise regime especially with the fantastic deal as a Premier Member - I now cycle 3x a week instead of just 1x. Cycling allows me to free my mind unlike studio classes mainly because my feet are strapped into the pedals and I can focus on the virtual road ahead of me. Each instructor takes me on a different ride each time pushing me to my limits and beyond by cueing and encouraging me to up the gears or the RPM so that I can get the most out of my ride. I like using the Keiser App so that I can see my progress week to week. I admit that I do not LOVE cycling as much as studio classes but it is such a fantastic workout without the wear and tear on my joints and it is by far the best for me in regards to cardio workout to keep my heart strong.  Another plus is that my husband can join me without feeling funny in a room with mostly women. It has become our Sunday morning routine together. If you haven’t tried cycling you need to give it a chance. It’s not like riding a stationary bicycle where you get easily bored and rarely push yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s a totally different experience and if you feel 45-60 minutes is too much try some others that incorporate strength, core/ stretching and PiYo. Just try. Make it your new goal."

#3 What is your typical weekly fitness routine? "My typical weekly routine is cycling Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday with studio classes on all the other days and both studio and cycle on Tuesday and Thursday. I like to get my workouts in early so I typically go to 6:30 am classes Mondays and Fridays and 8:00 or 8:30 am classes the rest of the week. It gets me going in the morning so that I can be more productive the rest of the day. I stay consistent by signing up for the entire month as soon as my pay cycle switches and putting my classes in my calendar. I also have exercise buddies whom I only see at the gym so getting to share laughs and groans 😉 with them is a great motivator too. I am fortunate to be retired so that I could have this luxury to exercise daily and being physically fit makes me feel better in regards to mood. HG is an elixir that I have to have in my life. As far as advice for others, that is hard because I feel that motivation to do anything in life has to come from within. You cannot force anyone to exercise more, eat less, change lifestyles. That has to be a personal goal and all we can do is encourage. Everyone of us is struggling with something and being told “just do it” sometimes discourages more than encourages. All I know is that every time I feel like I’m too tired or too busy to get to class but I go anyway I feel SO much better afterwards. The instructors at Heathers Gym are all so encouraging and motivating that I am always so grateful that I went to class, that I have so many choices and that I have the ability to exercise."

#4 What are your personal goals for 2018? "My personal goal for this year is to reach 60 stars in the Class Challenge board - 1 star for every year young that I turned a couple weeks back. I’m doing it for me and no one else. As far as my goals for the rest of the year they are to incorporate more barre classes to improve my balance, attend more Pilates classes to further improve my core, and to achieve the crow pose in yoga. I need to slow down and relax because as my friend reminded me “even wine needs to breathe.”

"I met Heather way back when she taught at XSport on Sundays. Even back then she couldn’t count!  After I quit there I tried several other gyms only to get discouraged after less than a year. I found her again when she started KB in the park and followed her to the dance studio and the rest is history. She has built an excellent fitness environment with fantastic instructors and is always adding on and trying new things. Who knows what the future will hold but this 60 year old is along for the ride." - Ramona

Thank you for your total awesomeness Ramona! We love having you in (almost) every class and your love and support are incredible! Give Ramona a HIGH FIVE when you see her and congratulate her on kicking it all year!