​​​​Here at Heather's Gym our philosophy is: MIX IT UP and have FUN! The fabulous mix of classes we offer gives our clients a little bit of everything they need to be fit and balanced. Weight-bearing strength for muscles and bones, cardio classes to strengthen the heart muscle, intense interval classes to challenge the body and burn calories, and Barre, Pilates, and Yoga classes for a strong and balanced core. We know how to have FUN at HG with the best instructors around, great music, and lots of laughs! We are known for our friendly environment where EVERYONE feels welcome and EVERYONE gets a great workout - clients work at their own level in our group classes.

At HG every client gets a specialized, high-quality and challenging workout, delivered with a positive vibe and a great playlist. Check out the "Instructors" tab to see WHO we are!  I encourage you to take 5 minutes to check out my class schedule on the HG App. Search for "Heather's Gym" in your App store and download it for FREE - it's the most convenient way to book classes right from your phone. Booking your workouts will make you feel accountable - you will show up and I promise you will have fun getting fit with us.

Get to know US!

What classes should I take at HG?
You will love the ENERGY and MOTIVATION the HG instructors bring to every class. HG instructors are certified fitness professionals who consistently deliver the absolute BEST classes with the most variety. If you are wondering what classes you should take at HG here is a breakdown of class types:
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Classes: Tabata Training, Shred, Kettlebell Interval Training, and Intensity are all about a BIG calorie burn and building muscle definition. These classes use strength equipment and consist of tough intervals. Modifications are given in every class!
Strength Classes (Some Cardio): Barre, Bootcamp, Circuit Training, PiYo, TRX Circuit, and Strength & Power. A mix of strength equipment, body-weight exercises and cardio in these classes.
Cardio Classes (Some Strength): HG Cycle classes - come try the Keiser M3i bikes with computers! Also try Peak Performance, Piloxing, and U-Jam at HG Studio.
CORE Strength Classes: Barre-lates, Pilates Mix, Mat Pilates, power vinyasa FLOW, and YogaFLOW. Strength equipment or body-weight exercises are used in these classes.
Finding the workout you WANT TO DO is the key to success! Mixing up the classes you take every week will keep you from getting bored and keep your body challenged. You will love our HG community.

What makes us stand out from all the others...

"Heather's Gym is a fitness party! Heather has created a gym to benefit all ages with an atmosphere like no other. Heather is leading a team of EXCELLENCE with an abundance of energy, her love of fitness is absolutely contagious! It's evident her team of instructors truly love what they do and are always providing modifications so every class is accessible for all fitness levels.  There is such a great selection of classes it can be difficult to choose which class to attend at times. 

There is a comraderie among the  community of participants that is warm, welcoming, and fun, but always focused on the common goal of mind and body fitness. If you go into a class feeling a bit blah - I guarantee you will exit with a renewed spirit of mind and body. Being a more "mature" participant I have found the energy at Heather's Gym has allowed me to push myself a bit harder, set and achieve personal goals, while truly enjoying my workouts. Heather's Gym, is my Fountain of Youth!" - M.A. (Awesome HG Member)

I am thrilled to announce the opening of HG Cycle! Our new cycling studio is located inside of CrossFit Freedom at 748 E. Park Avenue - just walk straight back to the PURPLE door.

HG Cycle has a cool vibe, great sound, the certified, energetic instructors you know and love, and of course the very best bikes! HG Cycle appeals to all fitness levels and especially those who want a cardio workout without impact. HG Cycle is another option for you - you'll be inspired and motivated to push yourself, burn calories, and get stronger ... the HG way! 

HG Cycle offers a variety of cycling classes because VARIETY is what do better than anyone! From a "true ride" class that feels like training for a real cycling event, to a "party on the bike" class with a good amount of up and down out of the saddle – you’ll sweat and have a blast on the absolute BEST bike manufactured. We will also bring you "cycle fusion" classes because that's what we do so well. HG Cycle is the FIRST cycling studio of its kind in Libertyville!